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Mouth Guards Now Available!

November 15, 2012

A mouth guard is a specially made cover which fits exactly over your teeth and gums, in order to cushion and protect your teeth from damage when playing sports that involve physical contact or moving objects. Examples include: cricket, hockey, football, boxing and rugby. In this instance wearing a mouth guard could prevent knocked out teeth and broken or dislocated jaws.

At Caversham Heights Dental Practice we provide custom made mouth guards which will fit your mouth perfectly, to protect your mouth and gums properly. Ill fitting mouth guards can cause more issues than they prevent, so it’s very important to buy your mouth guard from your dentist who can take impressions of your teeth.

Depending on your age, mouth guards may need to be replaced fairly regularly, particularly if you are still growing, as new teeth may come through and move position resulting in your current mouth guard not fitting your mouth properly. Adults do not need their mouth guard to be replaced as often, however, as with all sports equipment, they will be subject to wear and tear. It is recommended that whenever you have your check up that you bring your mouth guard along too, so that it can be checked for signs of damage.

Mouth guards come in all sorts of different colours now to make them more fun to wear, including: striped, multicoloured and clear- so you could even have a guard to match your sports strip!

If you are interested in mouth guards please make an appointment for a consultation by calling: 0118 947 4848.