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We are proud to be associated with Denplan to provide plans for our patients. By choosing Denplan you can spread the cost of your regular visits to the dentist and hygienist. It means you can budget for your regular oral care and ensure you have regular access to a dentist when you need it.

We currently offer three Denplan plans, Denplan Care, Denplan Essentials and Plans for Children.

About Denplan

In line with our approach, Denplan strongly promote preventive dentistry and the dental plans they arrange are designed to help keep you dentally fit with visits to your dental practice as often as is recommended.

Denplan plans are an excellent way to ensure that your dental health continues to be monitored and maintained. When you have access to preventive care you may not need any restorative work. If, however, you find you need unexpected dental treatment you have reassurance that your dentist will provide the appropriate clinical care.

Prevention is better than cure

Good oral health isn’t just about avoiding fillings and toothache; it’s a big part in your overall general health and wellbeing. So it’s better to stop problems before they start and regular dental appointments can help reduce the need for treatment in the future. As we age our teeth and gums naturally deteriorate so the earlier you start looking after them the better. As a Denplan patient your dentist will advise you on the best way to keep your mouth and teeth healthy and provide you with regular check-ups and time with the hygienist. Developing a good oral care routine is essential in ensuring your teeth and gums are always kept healthy.

Denplan Care

Once you have had your new patient examination and any required treatment has been completed, the Dentist will categorise you into one of 5 bands A-E based on your individual circumstances. The costs of these bands vary and begin at just £20.29 per month.

After this, all routine preventive AND restorative dental care is covered (with the exception of lab bills). That means that you are covered for all examinations, all hygienist appointments and for any treatment that is required. So if you need a filling, or root canal treatment or a crown you can rest assured that it’s covered under Denplan Care.


  • Costs from £20.29 per month
  • Covers all Dental examinations
  • Covers all Hygienist appointments
  • Covers all fillings and extractions
  • Covers crowns, bridges, denture and inlays (except the lab fee which will be quoted before commencing treatment)
  • Covers root canal treatment
  • Dental Insurance

For further information please download a booklet from Denplan

Denplan Essentials – A straightforward and simple plan to cover what you need

This plan allows you to budget for the cost of your routine preventive dental care AND save money in the process.

It is a flat fee irrespective of your circumstances and you can join even if you think you’ll need treatment. That way you can save money before you even come in. We have two categories of Essentials. For £11.99 per month you’ll be entitled to 1 dental examination per year and 1 hygienist appointment per year. For £18.65 per month you’ll be entitled to 2 dental examinations per year and 2 hygienist appointments per year. With either Essentials plan you also receive 10% off any treatment that’s required.

  • £11.99 or £18.65 per month
  • 1 or 2 dental examinations per year
  • 1 or 2 hygienist appointments per year
  • 10% off any treatment
  • Worldwide Dental Emergency cover

For further information please download a booklet from Denplan

Plans for Children

This is the same as Denplan Care for adults but tailored for Children under 18 (note under 5’s are free regardless). They are still categorised into 2 bands starting at £10.69 per month.

Family discounts are also offered for more than one member being paid on the same direct debit

For further information please download a booklet from Denplan

Family Discounts

If more than one member of the family joins you’ll both receive a 5% discount on the cost of the plan (provided they are on the same plan and paid from the same account).

Denplan Bands

From 1st Jan 2019
From 1st Jan 2019
1 checkup + 1 hygiene
2 checkups + 2 hygiene
1 check up + 2 hygiene
2 checkups + 4 hygiene
From 1st Jan 2019
A 5-12 year
B 13-17