We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of ways for our patients to pay for their treatment. 
We offer three plans from Denplan (Care, Essentials and plans for children) that allow you to spread the cost of your dental treatment into monthly payments. This allows you to budget whilst still benefiting from exceptional service. 
For those of you who prefer to pay for your treatment as you go, our private fees also provide great value for money. 


Denplan Care is a plan that covers you for all of your treatment; from routine check-ups and hygienist appointments to fillings and root canals. The monthly fee will depend on the grading of your oral care requirements. This plan provides real security knowing that you won’t receive any unexpected bills and spreads your ongoing dental care into affordable monthly payments. 
Denplan Essentials is a plan that covers you for your regular check up and hygienist appointments. The advantage is that it splits the cost of these into monthly payments and saves you money compared with the Private fees for these. In addition, should you need any further treatment, you’ll receive a 10% discount. 
Plans for Children has two bands, one for 6 to 12 year olds, the other for 13 to 17. This plan offers the same benefits as Denplan Care. 
All our Denplan plans include worldwide insurance cover so should you have an accident whilst on holiday, you are covered upon your return for any treatment 

Denplan Care 

Once you have had a new patient examination and any required treatment has been completed, the Dentist will categorise you into one of 5 bands, A-E, based on your individual circumstances. The costs of these bands vary and begin at just £21.99 per month. 
Denplan is an excellent way to ensure that your dental health continues to be regularly monitored and maintained. Denplan Care includes all regular check-ups and hygienist visits. With access to regular preventative care you may not need any restorative work. However, if you do, you have the reassurance that all restorative dental care is also covered within the plan. (The only additional cost is laboratory fees which aren’t covered within the plan). 
So if you need a filling, or root canal treatment or even a crown, you can rest assured that it’s covered under Denplan Care. 


Costs from £21.99 per month 
Covers all Dental examinations 
Covers all Hygienist appointments 
Covers all fillings and extractions 
Covers crowns, bridges, dentures and inlays (except the lab fee which will be quoted before commencing treatment) 
Covers root canal treatment 
Dental Insurance 

Denplan Essentials 

Denplan Essentials is an alternative to Denplan Care that allows you to budget for the cost of your routine preventive dental care AND save money in the process. It is a flat fee irrespective of your circumstances and you can join even if you think you’ll need treatment. That way you can save money before you even come in. 
We have four categories of Essentials, starting from £12.65 per month, which entitle you to a defined combination of dental examinations and hygienist appointments each year. They represent a saving when compared against our private fees.  
In addition, with Essentials you also receive 10% off any clinically necessary treatment. 
Starting from £12.65 per month 
1 or 2 dental examinations per year 
1 to 4 hygienist appointments per year 
10% off any clinically necessary treatment 
Worldwide Dental Emergency cover 

Plans for Children 

Our Plans for Children is the same as Denplan Care for adults but tailored for Children under 18 (note under 5’s are free regardless). They are categorised into 2 bands (6-12 and 13-17). 

Family Discounts 

If more than one member of the family joins Denplan you’ll both receive a 5% discount on the cost of the plan (provided they are on the same plan and paid from the same account). 

Denplan Bands 

From 1st Jan 2023 
From 1st Jan 2023 
A 5-12 year olds 
B 13-17 year olds 
From 1st Jan 2023 
1 check up + 1 hygiene 
1 check up + 2 hygiene 
2 check ups + 2 hygiene 
2 check ups + 4 hygiene 

Private Fees 

Treatment Private 
From 1st Jan 2023 
New Patient (Adult) examination, including all x-rays 
£72.50 * 
Routine (Adult) examination, including all x-rays 
£72.50 * 
New Patient (child under 18) examination 
£51.50 * 
Routine patient (Child 5-18) examination 
£51.50 * 
Routine Under 5′s examination 
£51.50 or Free if parent regularly attends practice 
Hygienist appointment (30 mins) 
Fissure sealing 
from £106 
from £142 
from £1,060 ** 
Full upper & lower dentures 
from £1,435 ** 
from £1,000 ** 
£975.50 ** 
Root canal treatment 
from £620 ** 
from £799 ** 
Teeth Whitening – upper & lower teeth (Boutique) 
24 hour emergency service 
Covered by The 247 Dentist - (https://www.the247dentist.com) 
* includes ALL x-rays 
** Please note that these are example prices. Fees vary with each treatment based on the complexity and materials used during the treatment. 
Denplan monthly fees are based upon your clinical needs. If you are interested in joining, your dentist can assess you and advise you of the appropriate category and monthly payment. Most adults pay between £21.99 and £51.99 a month. 

Facial Aesthetics Free Consultations for all existing patients (£25 refundable reservation fee required)  

Dermal Filler 

Lip augmentation - from £180 
Cheeks - from £300 
Chin - from £300 
Non surgical rhinoplasty (refined nose) - from £350 

Anti Wrinkle Treatments 

Upper face 
1 area- from £175 
2 areas- from £225 
3 areas - from £300 
Additional dose - from £50 
Bunny lines - from £175 
Dimpled Chin - from £175 
Hyperhidrosis - from £350 


Profhilo - £300 for 1 session, £575 for 2 sessions 
Microneedling - from £200 per session 
Skin peel - from £75 
Cryotherapy - from £50 
Skin tag removal - from £30 
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