Nothing makes us happier than a smiling, satisfied patient. 
We’ve been lucky enough to receive some wonderful, comments, testimonials, thank you cards and sometimes even gifts. Below are a just a few of the responses we have received. 
"Caversham Heights Dental Practice is a warm and welcoming place with a patient centred approach catering for nervous clients, and children who don’t necessarily want to open their mouths and any other variety of patient! Since joining the practice 4 years ago my teeth are much healthier largely due to the dental education I’ve received and support and guidance from staff" 
"I was recommended to Katy by a friend. I am a very nervous patient. My fear goes back to childhood. I explained my history to Katy and she took so much time finding out what scared me and suggested ways of handling it. I have now had 3 fillings. Each time she explained exactly what she was doing, telling me when I could rest my jaw, how to relax, how much longer to finish etc. I found this so helpful and the treatment time went so quickly. I can honestly say it has been the biggest weight off my shoulders. I feel so much more confident in handling future appointments. I would also like to say a big thank you to Jo-Anne (hygienist) who was equally lovely and supportive. I wholeheartedly recommend this practice. Thank you." 
“The consultation and treatments are good. The hygienist (Daniela) very good. Good standards and Katy is an excellent dentist in my opinion” 
“I feel in very good hands at Caversham Heights Dental Practice” 
“I have been coming to this practice for over 20 years and always received excellent care. Professional, caring, friendly staff – thank you” 
“An excellent practice with whom I have confidence that they will cover my needs” 
“Always a smile and caring. Enjoy being a patient never too much trouble and always very helpful Keep doing a good job" 
“I had an appointment with Katy for a replacement filling and I wanted to say how impressed I was." 
D. Maynerd 
“I have been a patient for many years and have always been thoroughly impressed with the practice. Friendly, professional, caring and bursting with clinical expertise” 
“I am neurotic and phobic about dentist's and have been coming here for 10+ years surely that says it all – thanks to you all” 
“This is a very efficient and friendly practice. They are all very helpful and caring and cannot do too much to make sure you feel at ease. This is good, as in my case I am a very nervous and cowardly customer” 
“My session with Dr Sansom was brilliant. She put me at my ease, explained everything, answered all of my stupid questions, and then the treatment was perfect. If you’re looking for a dentist in Reading, look no further!” 
Mrs M.A. 
“Always friendly, professional service. Emergencies dealt with in a prompt and conscientious manner. Pleasing atmosphere Also love the pictures on the wall!” 
“I have always found visits to the dentist a very stressful experience so when I recently needed treatment I decided to try a new Dental Practice. I have found that the Caversham Heights practice offers me a much more personal experience. Katy Sansom is not only very professional but friendly and caring and could not have done more to put me at my ease.” 
“Fantastic practice staff patience and caring informative approach it is amazing” 
“I have been receiving treatment from Katy since May 2009. At that time I had no idea that my dental health was quite so poor. Over a period of time Katy helped me with her terrifically positive attitude to improve my flossing technique and regime highlighting the important areas to pay attention to. In doing so my gum disease showed a marked improvement. 
Neither did I realise that I was a teeth grinder, Katy took a mould and efficiently organised a guard to be made. Although quite difficult to become accustomed to wearing it religiously, Katy’s encouragement ensured that it was done. 
With continued improvement to my dental health and a growing patient/dentist relationship. In conversation with Katy I mentioned how I hated my smile, which affected my attitude to meeting people and my self confidence. Katy suggested veneers, we discussed in depth the procedure and the benefits the treatment would bring. I had never considered his type of treatment as I knew little about it. With Katy’s help and advice I was happy to proceed. 
Throughout all of my treatment with Katy she has always been happy to answer any questions, no matter how busy she is, she always made time and gives 100% of her attention. 
This is by far the best dental experience I have ever had and my teeth not only look terrific but the sensitivity and bleeding I suffered whilst I had gum disease are a thing of the past. What I have gained most from Katy is my increased self confidence. She has been very reassuring and encouraging. My daughters have noticed a change in me as a person, much more ‘smiley’ and youthful. 
I can’t thank Katy enough” 
“From the age of primary school through to early adulthood I had what I can only describe as an unfortunate experience of dental care. The treatment I received was never in question, but the way it was delivered and the way I was spoken to left me with a deep fear of going to the dentist. As a result I did not go again for a period of about 8 years, during which time I did untold damage to my teeth and gums. The need for treatment finally forced me to seek out a new dentist and I was lucky enough to sign up myself and my two daughters with Katy Sansom. 
Katy was pivotal in helping me overcome my fear of the dentist and went out of her way to ensure that I (and my daughters) received the best possible treatment, in the most friendly, supportive and above all positive manner possible. I used to spend the week before an appointment feeling a deep sense of dread and fear, culminating in raised blood pressure and rapid breathing in the waiting room. During our most recent appointment I actually found myself saying how relaxed I was feeling! I cannot thank Katy enough for all that she has done for me and for giving my daughters such a positive and instructive experience of visiting the dentsit, so much so that my youngest daughter has said that she would like to be a dentist when she grows up…” 
“Louise was superb! Carol too. Steph made me feel at ease and very efficient. Jennifer was also very kind and held my hand – thank you to all the team” 
“I have just had a very positive experience in the dentist chair. I am quite a nervous patient, and was constantly reassured throughout my treatment. I was given an injection at the start of the treatment, and because of the skill of the dentist I was unaware it had even been done. 
What could have been a traumatic experience because of my fears became a good positive experience and I came away feeling relaxed and confident. Thank you!” 
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